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nichelle   Dec 24, 2016   Comment

Dear Diary,

Today is christmas eve and even though I am in a bad mood I am still looking forward to some christmas cheer. Especially since I have been through some things this year. I am so ready to see what 2017 has in store for me. I am hoping for money and happiness. I have been unhappy since 2008. And I am so ready to be happy again. I know that god has that in store for me, Because I have been praying for it and god always answers.

SO with that being said, welcome to kay marie. My site will be personal, raw, uncut, and crazy. You are going to see me on video doing recipes and being silly. This diary/blog will not be sad on depressing but it will be a way for me to vent and express myself as well as uplift others. So welcome to my home and my life angels. I am so excited to see what this new year will bring for me and my loved ones.